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‘Spirit of Color’ Wallpaper

This wallpaper is a highlight on the intrinsic beauty of color.


To use this wallpaper, click on the image and when it opens,

right click and select ‘save as’.

Navigate to your intended directory and hit ‘save’.


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Community Project LEGEND TITANS Tickets

I’ve been working on a community project recently for the Legend Highschool’s Titans football team. They are doing a fundraiser that involves selling tickets for their dinner/auction. All the proceeds go to funding the teams needs for the upcoming season. The tickets will be distributed for $15 a piece and are sold by the team members to pay for their own sport.

The tickets needed to include the school’s colors and be ‘cool’, ‘modern’ and ‘masculine’. My solution was to use a pallet primarily consisting of blue and grey with metallic gradients and san-serif text. The logo is displayed clearly and prominently but still plays second fiddle to the text by being placed in the background in low opacity monochrome.

The theme for the event is ‘Remember the Titans’ ( 2000) from the movie featuring the same name and starring Denzel Washington. This had to be incorporated but still remain distinct from the movies’ design.

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Internet Desing Resources You’ll Come Back To

When I started as a designer, I spent almost all day on the internet looking for tutorials, photos, fonts and all other kinds of resources you can think of. These days, I still spend most of my time on the computer, but now I know where to go to find the best of what I need to fulfill any given challenges’ requirements. These are sites I go back to over and over again. They have been tested over time and have consistently come through for me. Some I use more than others. Some I refer back to so often I have to leave them pulled up while I work. All of them have made me wish I knew about them a long time ago.

Colour Lovers

I LOVE this site. It has so many options to help you find just the right colors or patterns to fit your need. You can search the colors for any hues that fit a keyword or browse for pallets that have been created by other color ‘Lovers’. You can also make your own pallets and keep them organized and accessible from any computer.








This is a collection of sites specific to different design programs. They have great tutorials and inspiration highlights as well as video lectures by designers across the world. Each site goes in depth into the field of it’s focus. They also have articles just for beginners to teach something from the ground up for those who are just starting out or who need more work in some area.






Web Treats etc.

This site has the most amazing tileable patterns I have ever seen in one place. They come individually or in collections and are just beautiful. The site is part of a group of sites which I would also recommend, iconsEtc. and backgroundsetc. WebTreats also has premium files for sale,  all of which have an impeccable attention to detail and very high quality.





Brush King

This is a source of hi-res photoshop brushes in a multitude of styles and purposes. The selection is very good and varying. Some of the brushes require you to credit them when used so make sure you check the terms of use.







Stock Exchange

Totally free images covering the spectrum and often just what you need. It’s not quite as posh as some of the leading sources on the internet but it is free so it has that over them.






Search Free Fonts

Here you can find so many fonts that are completely free of restriction it makes the designing process easier.






Love Textures

A great source to find just the right texture. They’re kinda new so they’re still ‘adding to the library’ as it were, but the selection is already great and nicely organized.








When you’re looking for inspiration, critiques or the opinions of others in the field this is the place to go. It is a worldwide forum for sharing ideas and getting input on your designs.






Design Contest Forums

When you’re ready to try out those smashing new skills, go enter your work in a competition tailored to fit a paying client. Challenge yourself to make the best design that works for them and GET PAID!








The most comprehensive overview of coding. With many different tutorial sets on a wide variety of scripts and languages.

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‘Colors’ wallpaper

Here is a wallpaper I made for the sole purpose of highlighting  this great color scheme. I came across it as I was browsing colour lovers and instantly fell in LOVE with it. Something about this great palette is just amazing to me.

The scheme itself was created by xtoq.

To use this wallpaper, click on the image and when it opens,

right click and select ‘save as’.

Navigate to your intended directory and hit ‘save’.

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Metallic Model

This cyborg was the product of a  Photoshop challenge to create a realistic humanoid robot. The project itself was a test of Photoshop skill, imagination and attention to detail. My first version was featuring a transparent face to reveal the robotics underneath the skin. After I got this idea designed to the comp stage I tried the same concept except with the skin removed instead of lucid.
My general scheme here is that this is a portrait of more of a model cyborg. A glamorous, feminine cyborg. Despite her temporary facial concerns.

The original portrait photo I’m using here is from

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The Battle Continues

This is a little bit of a common themed design but I thought the presentation was worth a try. It represents that good and evil are constantly in a war for the balance. I used the usual black and white to distinguish the one from the other but I also made the background designs on the side of the good dove soft and more elegant than the oppositions gnarly, sharp, more severe looking angles.

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‘Metamorphosis’ Wallpaper

This is an abstract wallpaper I created in Photoshop. I was following a tutorial when I made it but I don’t remember where I found it so if I figure it out I’ll fix the post and include a link.

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‘Poison’ Wallpaper

This is a wallpaper I made to play with some Photoshop brushes. Enjoy!

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Skills USA Colorado!

Well the Skills USA Colorado Competition was last month and it was a lot of fun. The first day was orientation and we just sat and listened to a couple of guest speakers. They were good speakers but not my favorite part of the event.

The second day was the actual competition. Those of us competing in the ‘Advertising Design’ competition met up at the Red Rocks Community College before 8:00 in the Computer Lab. We were given a challenge to create a logo, double sided t-shirt and three ads for the company. Giant Gnomes was the profile given for the company. We worked on this for 8 hours, the equivalent of a regular work day with a half hour lunch break.After the competition we went to the Warren Tech Machine shop and waited for the other classes to get finished and move on to the barbecue! It was great! Good food and a bunch of funny stories, A great way to spend the end of a long day.

The third day was the awards ceremony. We gathered in the ballroom of the Mariott hotel to see who won what. This lasted a couple of hours and was overall enjoyable.

The Challenge…

We were supposed to make the Giant Gnome Productions company a new logo that was hip, modern, fresh, professional and appealing to a younger audience. This particular company produces audio dramas in the genres of sci-fi, drama, romance, thriller, etc.. My design is intended to represent sound waves while keeping the ‘Gnome’ in the background with its whimsical properties intact.

The three advertisements are supposed to fit into three different size formats, whole page, half a page and a quarter page. These designs are meant to create a defined branding identity for ‘Giant Gnomes’ and promote there services at the same time.

The t-shirt is supposed to catch attention and relay the message over a split second and still give the impression of high quality products and services. It should appeal to the younger generations specifically and not exclude any of the genres they promote.

My solutions to our challenge is as follows…

I made the Logo and the t-shirt design in Illustrator and the Ads in Photoshop.

Oh, and by the way….

I WON!!!!

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‘Ode to Dragons’ Wallpaper

Free Wallpaper I made as a random project to play around and experiment with Photoshop CS5’s new features.

Love Them by the way! CS5 is an amazing upgrade, totally worth it!

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