Skills USA Colorado!

Well the Skills USA Colorado Competition was last month and it was a lot of fun. The first day was orientation and we just sat and listened to a couple of guest speakers. They were good speakers but not my favorite part of the event.

The second day was the actual competition. Those of us competing in the ‘Advertising Design’ competition met up at the Red Rocks Community College before 8:00 in the Computer Lab. We were given a challenge to create a logo, double sided t-shirt and three ads for the company. Giant Gnomes was the profile given for the company. We worked on this for 8 hours, the equivalent of a regular work day with a half hour lunch break.After the competition we went to the Warren Tech Machine shop and waited for the other classes to get finished and move on to the barbecue! It was great! Good food and a bunch of funny stories, A great way to spend the end of a long day.

The third day was the awards ceremony. We gathered in the ballroom of the Mariott hotel to see who won what. This lasted a couple of hours and was overall enjoyable.

The Challenge…

We were supposed to make the Giant Gnome Productions company a new logo that was hip, modern, fresh, professional and appealing to a younger audience. This particular company produces audio dramas in the genres of sci-fi, drama, romance, thriller, etc.. My design is intended to represent sound waves while keeping the ‘Gnome’ in the background with its whimsical properties intact.

The three advertisements are supposed to fit into three different size formats, whole page, half a page and a quarter page. These designs are meant to create a defined branding identity for ‘Giant Gnomes’ and promote there services at the same time.

The t-shirt is supposed to catch attention and relay the message over a split second and still give the impression of high quality products and services. It should appeal to the younger generations specifically and not exclude any of the genres they promote.

My solutions to our challenge is as follows…

I made the Logo and the t-shirt design in Illustrator and the Ads in Photoshop.

Oh, and by the way….

I WON!!!!

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