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Adobe Release codename ‘Muse’

Adobe just released the latest in their design programs calling it ‘Muse’. It’s still the beta but it should be available in its entirety by early 2012. I’ve been playing and experimenting with this great new program and I’m in Love! It is excellent in both design and concept. The previous web design programs that were intended to make the process more intuitive for designers (Dreamweaver) and more available for those who don’t write code (Catalyst) were excellent and helpful in there specific areas, still, I look forward to the completion of this program and hope they continue to supply all the programs that we have used and loved through the years.

The way it works is it takes the familiar and very visually oriented interface that we see with variation in Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign… and makes it compatible in the web design sphere. With the options set out before you in this way you can design a website with ease and can create a multitude of effects without the need to write code or constantly refresh your preview to see the changes applied.

I hope this is not intended as a replacement for any of their previous releases and that it will just provide another option or an alternative for those who prefer it’s interface.


Check it out!




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Cybernetic Soul

The concept for this wallpaper design was that the information being exchanged across electronic mediums in the form of bits, has it’s own collective consciousness and is trying to escape it’s servitude.

I created this design in Adobe Photoshop.

To use this wallpaper, click on the image and when it opens,

right click and select ‘save as’.

Navigate to your intended directory and hit ‘save’.

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