Fairy Tale Illustration Challenge – Snow White and Rose Red

The subject of this challenge was to create a poster for a classic fairy tale and to incorporate a pun into the design. I chose Snow White and Rose Red as my theme. This tale is one that many people think they know from the  Disney depiction of Snow White but it is really a completely separate tale that follow the second sister. For my poster I highlighted the prince in his animal form and used this as both the unexpected element to make people wonder how the story actually goes and to incorporate my pun that flat out tells people their missing something int the first place. Here the bear is in an indistinct setting that lies somewhere between reality and whimsy. Between prince and  animal.

  “Poor bear,” said the mother, “lie down by the fire, only take care that you do not burn your coat.”
Then she cried, “Snow-white, Rose-red, come out, the bear will do you no harm, he means well.”

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