Hi! I am a form of sentient life that lives almost exclusively off the consumption of caffeine. My preference is tea and I have found that we brave few tea drinkers have been suffering discrimination for years! In every office, in almost every building there is coffee! Tea?! No! We must stand firm in our belief in the superiority of this hallowed beverage! : )

Mmmhhhmm…Now that that is off my chest, lets begin…I am an artist. I love making things. I use both computers and software or any materials that come to hand. I get a bit of a thrill from creating something that I imagined through any means necessary.

I have my own Greetings Card company that I operate for my own amusement. I love to make interesting and unique cards with unusual materials and pretty papers. I use mostly scrapbooking supplies for this and each card is hand made for the most individuality I can muster. I take orders and fill them out one at a time to fit the customers need, this gives me a bit of a challenge to keep producing attractive cards consistently and with ingenuity. I like a challenge!

I also work as a Graphic Designer and intend to finish my degree in that field. I’ve been attending a technical college for over a year and exploring on my own to improve my skills. I like all of it! The totally creative designing aspect and the technical coding and printing that most designers find tedious and boring. I guess I’m just obsessed.

I’d love to tell you more but my tea cup just ran dry so….

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