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Community Project LEGEND TITANS Tickets

I’ve been working on a community project recently for the Legend Highschool’s Titans football team. They are doing a fundraiser that involves selling tickets for their dinner/auction. All the proceeds go to funding the teams needs for the upcoming season. The tickets will be distributed for $15 a piece and are sold by the team members to pay for their own sport.

The tickets needed to include the school’s colors and be ‘cool’, ‘modern’ and ‘masculine’. My solution was to use a pallet primarily consisting of blue and grey with metallic gradients and san-serif text. The logo is displayed clearly and prominently but still plays second fiddle to the text by being placed in the background in low opacity monochrome.

The theme for the event is ‘Remember the Titans’ ( 2000) from the movie featuring the same name and starring Denzel Washington. This had to be incorporated but still remain distinct from the movies’ design.


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